Buy, buy – the MRI pie!

MRI pie Johnsons Mar 2015WHETHER it’s steak and kidney, mince and onion, cherry or apple – the good old pie has been a staple of traditional English grub for years…

Now, North Yorkshire butcher Andrew Trueman has come up with his own mouth-watering creation – the MRI pie…

The pork, plum and Wensleydale cheese savoury treat has kindly been produced by Johnsons Butchers of Thirsk to raise funds for the MRI scanner appeal at the Friarage Hospital in Northallerton.

The local cuisine will officially be launched at Northallerton market on the town’s high street on Saturday 11 April, when the scanner fundraising team will be selling them under a purple gazebo next to Barkers.

Judith Masterman, who is part of the team, decided to approach Andrew for help with a novel – but tasty – idea to help them reach the £2million target and the rest is history…

“We’re always looking at different and interesting ways we can raise funds and just thought this was something a bit different that people could really get their teeth into,” she said.

MRI pie“The pies are absolutely delicious though I hope people don’t just take my word for it and come along and try them for themselves while, at the same time, supporting a very worthy cause which will bring this essential piece of medical equipment to the hospital.”

Andrew added: “We were delighted to be asked to come up with a few ideas for the pie – the most popular being pork, plum and Wensleydale. It’s a great local cause and we’re pleased to be able to offer our support.”

The MRI pies cost £1.50 each, or four for £5, and will be available at various events throughout the year to help to raise funds for the MRI scanner appeal at the Friarage Hospital.