Barry takes to the skies

Barry Parker sky dive 3Dare devil fundraiser Barry Parker really went to great heights skydiving for the first time to help the scanner appeal and raising over £4,000.

Barry Parker sky dive 2The intrepid 80 year old, who took on this massive challenge to give something back and help make a difference, said: “A parachute jump at my age could be regarded as foolish and unnecessary, what made it necessary is the need to swell funds for the scanner,urgently required at our much-respected Friarage Hospital.

“It was a fantastic experience and I enjoyed it, but the highlight of the jump was getting my feet back on the ground!”

Barry Parker sky dive 1Paul Watkins, head of fundraising, said:“This is absolutely fantastic and a testament to Barry’s strength of character. The appeals team would like to thank him and we much appreciate his taking on this amazing feat to help the scanner appeal.”