About Gift Aid

Gift Aid explained

Boost every donation – no matter what value – you give to The Friarage MRI Scanner Appeal at no extra cost to you by choosing to Gift Aid it.

What is Gift Aid?

When a UK taxpayer makes a donation to a charity, they have already paid tax on that donation. South Tees Hospitals Charity is exempt from tax and so can claim back the tax previously paid on that donation by the taxpayer from Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

Therefore, if you’re a UK taxpayer (eligible for Gift Aid) we can reclaim the tax back on your donation, that’s an extra 25p for every £1 you donate. That means a £10 donation will actually be worth £12.50 and a £50 gift would mean we’d receive £62.50.

This additional income makes a massive difference, so please don’t forget to Gift Aid your donations to us if you’re eligible for Gift Aid and make sure your tax goes to us and not the taxman.

Gift Aid declaration form – single donation
Gift Aid declaration form – past, present and future

Remember Gift Aid is only applicable to donations from your own income, we can’t claim Gift Aid on fundraising collections from others.

Am I eligible for Gift Aid?

Yes*, if you pay tax on income from a job or self-employment, this is known as UK Income Tax.

Yes*, even if you are not employed, you are still eligible if you pay tax on any of the following:

  • a State pension and/or other pensions
  • a bank and/or building savings account
  • stocks and shares
  • rental income
  • UK and Overseas investment dividends
  • Capital Gains Tax on gains

No, if you don’t pay any eligible tax. Other taxes such as VAT and Council Tax or any non-UK tax are not eligible.

As a UK taxpayer, you must pay or will pay enough eligible tax (see above) that is at least equal to the amount of tax that will be reclaimed by all charities you’ve donated to in that tax year (from 6 April one year to 5 April the next), not just that reclaimed by South Tees Hospitals Charity.

This may sound complicated, but broadly speaking as long as your tax circumstances don’t change at all and you continue to pay the appropriate tax(es) each year then you should remain eligible. If they do change, please contact South Tees Hospitals Charity straight away so we can update our records.

What do South Tees Hospitals Charity need from me to claim Gift Aid for the Friarage MRI Scanner Appeal?

Make sure you fully complete the Gift Aid declaration (both forms needed) when you make a donation to us. If parts of the form are incomplete we are unable to claim Gift Aid, so for example we need your full name, including your first name or initial and your home address, including the postcode.

Where do I go if I need more information?

Please feel free to contact the charity if you need any more information about Gift Aiding donations or you need help completing the declaration form.

You can also find more detailed information about Gift Aid and your eligibility on the HMRC website.

HMRC Gift Aid webpage